Medical Marijuana Helps Patients With No Other Options

The video above features the parents of Rebecca Hyman, a young girl who suffers from intractable epilepsy. Rebecca’s mother, Danielle, says her daughter suffers as many as 200 seizures a day and you can see the tears in the eyes of her father, Seth, as he says, “We feel her saying to us, ‘Mom, Dad, when is this going to stop? Why don’t you, my parents, do something to help me?’ And we can’t.” This heartbreaking advertisement was paid for by People United for Medical Marijuana, a Florida-based political action committee (PAC) seeking to legalize medical marijuana. The ad encourages Floridians to vote yes on Amendment 2, otherwise known the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which will be on the ballot Tuesday. Intractable seizures cannot be controlled by traditional medication, but medical marijuana has been proven in some studies to treat these seizures. Charlotte’s Web—the strain of cannabis that is high in cannabidiol, the cannabinoid that has medicinal properties, but low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in marijuana—was named after a young girl who suffered from Dravet Syndrome, a rare, severe form of intractable epilepsy. Governor Rick Scott legalized Charlotte’s Web when he signed the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014, but its availability was limited to only a select group of patients and users were prohibited from administration by smoking. Amendment 2 would allow for medical use of marijuana by individuals with a broader range of debilitating medical conditions as determined by licensed Florida physicians.

Attorney for Marijuana Crimes in Brooksville, FL

Rebecca Hyman is far from being an isolated case. Many Floridians, young and old, have found that cannabis is the only real treatment for the pain and symptoms caused by their maladies. People who rely on marijuana solely for its medicinal value do not deserve to be imprisoned. If you were arrested in Hernando County for alleged possession of cannabis that you needed for a medical condition, you will want to be sure to contact a Brooksville marijuana lawyer as soon as possible.