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2017 House Bill 949 -Driving Under the Influence

2017 House Bill 949 entitled, “Driving Under the Influence,” was introduced by Florida State Representative Cord Byrd (R –Neptune Beach) and it passed the House Committee on March 22, 2017. The 2017 House Bill 949 encourages first-time offenders, as a condition of probation, to voluntarily place an ignition interlock device (IID) on his or her…
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Resolving Retail Theft Charges in Hernando County, Florida

Stealing a pack of batteries from CVS or pocketing a pack of gum from the local Walmart may not seem like a huge travesty, but such criminal acts across America collectively cost retailers upwards of $32 billion dollars in 2014. One may think retail theft only affects the offender, however, this conduct adds to the…
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Do I Have to Submit to Sobriety Tests at DUI Checkpoints?

Recently, there has been a huge debate over the constitutionality over DUI checkpoints, specifically whether drivers have to interact with law enforcement at a DUI checkpoint. These heated debates have caused many Hernando County drivers to ask, “Legally, what are my rights at DUI stops and DUI checkpoints?”. DUI Stop v. DUI Checkpoint In order…
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Juvenile Diversion Programs for Marijuana Offenses

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, a national organization dedicated to drug legislation reformation, 700,993 arrests were made nationally for marijuana law violations. Eighty-eight percent or 619, 809 of those arrests were for possession of marijuana only. Possession of 20 or fewer grams of marijuana in the state of Florida is considered a first degree…
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