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    Criminal Defense Lawyer in Brooksville, FL

    When you are facing criminal charges, you have a lot riding on the outcome of your case. Ashley M. Aulls passionately represented adults and juveniles within the Hernando County, Citrus County, and Sumter County. No matter what charge or circumstances his clients find themselves in, every client has a right to respect, open communication, and a solid defense.

    Mr. Aulls understands that all cases are unique, and the circumstances of an offense never change a defendant’s unalienable rights. Mr. Aulls has been practicing law since 1996 – the first five years of which he spent at the public defender’s office. He serves the defense needs of Hernando County residents and the surrounding areas with pride. He has represented clients from a variety of different backgrounds against misdemeanor and felony charges across the spectrum of severity. However, he makes it a priority to give the clients the attention their cases critically need.

    You will always find a knowledgeable, yet relatable criminal defense lawyer at Ashley M. Aulls, P.A. His practice areas include drug offenses, domestic violence allegations, DUI, theft crimes, sexual offenses, violent crime, juvenile charges, weapons crimes, and other areas.

    To find out what Aulls can do for your criminal case, no matter where it is in the Florida criminal process, call (352) 593-4115 and schedule your initial case consultation. The Law Office of Ashley Aulls, P.A. represents clients throughout Brooksville, Spring Hill, Timber Pines, Homosassa Springs, Inverness and nearby communities. Call today to begin building the defense you need to overcome your charges and move forward in life.

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    Hernando County’s Criminal Defense Advocate

    Ashley M. Aulls, P.A is a criminal defense firm based in Brooksville, dedicated to serving clients from all backgrounds in Hernando County, Citrus County, and Sumter County. From the very beginning of his legal career, Mr. Aulls worked on behalf of men and women in need of justice. His first position within the Florida legal system was held at a public defender’s office in 1997, where he worked to represent individuals who would otherwise have no advocate.

    Mr. Aulls has since honed his legal skills and understanding of tactics used most often by Florida prosecutors. Whether you are a first-time offender or have been charged with a drug crime, your case will be handled by an experienced trial veteran who has your best interests in mind.

    Your case will always receive the highest attention from a defense lawyer in Brooksville who has a solid reputation within the legal community. Mr. Aulls represents clients facing felony charges, as well as misdemeanor offenses and related administrative matters. His clients come from many communities inside Central Florida, including Weeki Wachee, High Point, Hernando Beach, Hill ‘n Dale, Inverness Highlands, Sugarmill Woods, Lecanto, Wildwood, Lake Panasoffkee, and Bushnell.

    It’s important to act quickly, even if you were charged with an offense you think is minor. Oftentimes, people treat their cases casually and do not consider a defense strategy until it is too late. However, any conviction can affect your record in the age of background checks. An experienced criminal attorney such as Mr. Aulls can make the difference avoiding harsh penalties as well as minimizing other long-term effects on your future.

    Dedicated Drug Defense Advocate

    Attorney Ashley Aulls focuses the majority of his practice on defending those charged with drug-related offenses. His knowledge of the issues that determine how these cases are prosecuted could make all the difference in defending an individual who has been accused. This includes experience with pre-trial strategies including motions to supress evidence and how attorneys challenge the government’s case at trial. Learn more about the defenses to drug-crime allegations and the types of drug-related criminal offenses in Florida.

    Types of drug-related criminal offenses:

    Protecting Your Record for a Brighter Future

    Even a misdemeanor conviction can still show up on a background check run by prospective employers. This means that any time an agency runs your record, such as when you are applying for education, for a professional opportunity, or even to rent a house or apartment, your arrest record, and any applicable court records will show up. Because of this, sealing or expunging your Hernando County criminal record is a valid option to consider, even if the charge did not result in conviction or other guilty adjudication. Ashley Aulls has helped many clients both avoid a guilty adjudication through case dismissal or withheld adjudication and has also played a key role in obtaining many subsequent record sealing or expungements. He also advises clients who are ineligible to file for expungement, for instance in the case of some violent crime and domestic violence convictions.

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    A Florida Arrest Does Not Mean You Are Guilty

    It is important to remember when you are arrested or charged with a criminal offense, or even pulled over or questioned due to suspicion, you are innocent until proven guilty by law. First-time offenders in Brooksville, Spring Hill, Beverly Hills, Homosassa Springs, Wildwood, High Point, Ridge Manor and other areas are particularly prone to feeling overwhelmed.

    While it is important to be polite and respectful to a Brooksville law enforcement official, you do not owe them an explanation for your behavior and no amount of excuses are likely to change their mind. Additionally, in such a confusing and stressful situation you are at risk for giving contradictory facts, which the prosecution will use against you. Remember your Miranda rights, including the right to remain silent. This also applies to theft charges if you are initially questioned by a store’s loss prevention employees. Additionally, after you are arrested the prosecution has the burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Ashley Aulls can shed light on the doubt in your case by filing motions to show lack of intent, dismiss evidence and even the case, if relevant to your circumstances. There are many elements and details to a criminal charge, none of which are the arresting officer’s concern. They are out to keep you and the rest of the public safe from crime, not determine guilt. Determining guilt is left up to the jury or the judge after Aulls has presented your thorough and customized defense.

    First-Time Offenders and the Florida Criminal Process

    If you are a first-time offender in Hernando County or the surrounding areas, there may be additional defense options available to you that are not necessarily available to subsequent offenders. Having a clean record prior to your Hernando County area criminal charge can be used as a mitigating circumstance, as can sufficient evidence that you are unlikely to be a repeat offender. Prosecutors in Hernando County, Citrus County, and Sumter County, may be more willing to work with a first-time offender. They may strike a deal with your defense attorney and reduce your charges so your penalties are lighter. First-time offenders also generally have access to special programs, such as Drug Court for certain drug charges in Hernando County. Defense lawyer Ashley Aulls understands the stress and anxiety related to being a first offender in Florida and will help your first criminal case move through the process in a favorable direction every step of the way.

    Strong Drug Crime Defense Advocacy

    Drug crimes are heavily prosecuted heavily across the state of Florida. Florida legislators makes no secret how extremely punitive their stance is on both drug and marijuana charges. Despite this unforgiving stance and the fact that the communities in West Central Florida are relatively small, drug arrests are still common to this area. It’s very possible for innocent people to be arrested of drug crimes in the state of Florida, and for sentencing to be extremely harsh. Regardless of your arrest’s circumstances, you still have rights and are innocent until proven guilty. If you have been accused of marijuana possession or any other drug charge in Hernando County, Mr. Aulls will fight to make sure your rights are protected. He further understands that scientific evidence is not perfect, which is problematic if it’s the basis of the prosecution’s case. Every element of your case will be evaluated as Mr. Aulls works to build a solid defense. Many drug convictions are also disqualifiers for certain professional opportunities, such as for teachers and doctors. Felony drug charges come with mandatory Florida felony sanctions like the loss of certain civil rights and inability to apply for government aid. No matter the circumstances of your Hernando County drug case, Ashley M. Aulls will work to protect your rights and defend your future from any unfair consequences.

    Putting You and Your Rights First

    With years of experience serving the community’s legal needs and a family background of successful legal professionals lighting the way before him, Ashley Aulls knows what it takes to present a quality defense while treating his clients with respect. Ashley M. Aulls, P.A is a Florida criminal defense firm founded on the principle that the client is just as important as the case. Aulls works constantly toward building a strong understanding of and with his clients through educating them on the process and keeping communication lines open. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, such as marijuana possession, domestic violence, assault, theft, probation violation, or juvenile crime, contact Brooksville defense lawyer Ashley M. Aulls today. Early intervention is best, so it is important to contact the law firm as soon as possible after your arrest. Mr. Aulls will work directly with you on the details of your case to find out your needs and concerns and build a customized defense. Whether you need an attorney for a criminal or family law case, Ashley Aulls represents cilents in the courtrooms throughout Brooksville in Hernando County, Inverness in Citrus County, and Bushnell in Sumter County. Call (352) 593-4115 or send an online message and schedule your initial case consultation with dedicated criminal defense attorney Ashley Aulls. He can help you better understand your legal options and help ensure your constitutional rights are always protected.