Youthful Offender

The Florida Youthful Offender Act, codified under Chapter 958 of the Florida Statutes, was enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1978 to create “an alternative sentencing scheme available to judges when sentencing certain youthful criminal defendants.” The legislative intent of the act was “to improve the chances of correction and successful return to the community of youthful offenders sentenced to imprisonment by preventing their association with older and more experienced criminals during the terms of their confinement.”

The Florida Youthful Offender Act provides certain alleged adult offenders under 21 years of age who are too old to be considered juveniles with less stringent sentencing options, including possibly reduced prison sentences. The Act has also been amended to provide some people with enhanced educational, vocational, counseling, or public service opportunities.

Lawyer in Brooksville, FL Discusses Youthful Offender Act

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Overview of Youthful Offender Statute in Florida

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Youthful Offender Act Eligibility in Hernando County

Under Florida Statute § 958.04(1), a court is allowed to sentence as a youthful offender any person:

  • Who is at least 18 years of age or who has been transferred for prosecution to the criminal division of the circuit court pursuant to chapter 985;
  • Who is found guilty of or who has tendered, and the court has accepted, a plea of nolo contendere or guilty to a crime that is, under the laws of this state, a felony if the offender is younger than 21 years of age at the time sentence is imposed; and
  • Who has not previously been classified as a youthful offender under the provisions of this act.

An individual cannot be sentenced as a youthful offender if he or she has been found guilty of a capital or life felony.

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Youthful Offender Act Sentencing in Brooksville

In lieu of other criminal penalties authorized by law and notwithstanding any imposition of consecutive sentences, Florida Statute § 958.04(2) authorizes a court to dispose of criminal cases involving youthful offenders as follows:

  • Up to six years of probation or community control;
  • Up to 364 days incarceration in a county facility, a department probation and restitution center, or a community residential facility that is owned and operated by any public or private entity providing such services;
  • Split sentence involving up to four years in prison; or
  • Up to six years in prison.

Under Florida Statute § 958.14, an alleged violation of probation or the terms of a community control program can result in alleged youthful offender receiving the maximum sentence for his or her underlying offense.

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Youthful Offender Resources in Hernando County

Florida Statutes Chapter 958 | Youthful Offenders — View the full text of all 14 sections of the Florida Youthful Offender Act. Find information about definitions, presentence reports, and extensions of limits of confinement. You can also learn more about youthful offender basic training programs, judicial disposition of youthful offenders, and suspension of sentences by courts.

Youthful Offenders | Florida Department of Law Enforcement — View the full text a Florida Department of Law Enforcement study of youthful offenders under supervision in three Florida counties who were admitted to prison between 1982 and 1992. Data for the project was based on the printout information and statistical data from Department of Corrections’ Annual Reports used to compare the impact of youthful offenders on the three-county area, the prison population, and the state’s community supervision population. The study compares local and state statistics pertaining to probation population and prison admissions during the same time frame, based on data retrieved from the Justice Data Center (JDC).

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